The Future of Ethical Advertising. The Future in Context. Relevant and personal advertising, without the intrusiveness.

The Future in Context!

Relevant and personal advertising, without the intrusiveness.

Our aim is to make advertising more successful, relevant and fair. And context, sentiment and machine learning are how we achieve this.

Using contextual targeting instead of personal data, our customers stand apart from the crowd: advertisers reach more of the right people; quality publishers get more of the rewards they deserve.


From personal targeting to contextual relevance

The dream of personal targeting was one-to-one people-based marketing. Ads would get increasingly relevant, and consumers would in turn show their appreciation.  But we are still waking up to the reality – and all of the innate challenges around 3rd party data usage – from user to browser-wide ad blocking, banner blindness, bots and click fraud. 

 There is another way.

Context was the original proxy for audience in advertising, since way before the internet came around. And since before programmatic buying in particular turned the media planning model on its head. But do we undervalue the role of content, user sentiment and contextual relevance? The last ten years’ overt focus on audience and personal targeting has shown the risks and results.

At Adlede, we acknowledge that context and advertising in the moment are the great forgotten success factors in online marketing. 


Everything in Context

Contextual advertising

Improve advertisement efficiency with contextual understanding.

Contextual advertising is all about matching ad with content - and by extension, to the right audience too. For Adlede, this goes well beyond simply categorising pages by keyword: our self-learning software understands not only text, but also images and video.


Natural Language Processing

Find new and relevant contexts.

Was that Apple the fruit, or the company? Turkey the bird, or the country? With advanced natural language processing models, terms are automatically considered alongside what surrounds them.


Mood Targeting

Model campaigns around moods

Adlede’s technology can model campaigns around all types of moods arising from every page. As an advertiser, matching your campaign to relevant mindsets means reaching customers at just the right moment.



Brand safety

Pre-bid avoidance of no-go contexts that are bad for your specific company.

Our leading contextual technology also comes with complete control, transparency and customization around where your ads appear as a standard. Peace of mind-as-a-service is what we offer all of our customers. 


Amazing people produce amazing solutions.


We are proud members of Codemill - a family with some of Sweden's best developers and interaction designers. Born digitally and with a continuous pursuit of innovation, Codemill help companies like The Guardian, ITV and ProSiebenSat.1. strengthen today's position for tomorrow's adventures.

The AI used in Adlede’s solutions is created at the crossroads of academia and business. With ties to Umeå University and the biggest EU project on contextual AI-driven understanding, we create cutting edge AI technology to understand online content.

It is our skilled and engaged employees who together with modern technology form the basis of our creativity, technological success and the fact that we continually challenge ourselves to break new ground.


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