The Future of Ethical Advertising. The Future in Context. Relevant and personal advertising, without the intrusiveness.

A more progressive approach to building campaigns


Adlede’s technology can model campaigns around all types of moods, arising from every page. As an advertiser, matching your campaign to relevant mindsets means reaching customers at just the right moment. And for many, accurate moment marketing is the holy grail.

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indentifying mindset through context

Our semantic and cognitive technology, powered by machine learning, builds a sophisticated, and continually evolving understanding of the relationship between context and mood.


mood targeting

With a true understanding of context, you can target advertising campaigns to specific emotions. How about targeting love-filled content? Currently, we model around eight standard sentiments across 46 languages, and offer the possibility to model around any bespoke "sentiment concept" like joy, positivity or happiness. 


making programmatic feel good

Our technology is 100% compatible with programmatic advertising, and the real-time bidding protocol as set out by the IAB. Plug Adlede into your existing set up, open a host of new and unique tactics for your programmatic campaigns.