The Future of Ethical Advertising. The Future in Context. Relevant and personal advertising, without the intrusiveness.

It’s all about the context.


There are many ways to utilize our cutting edge contextual understanding. Context is more than only understanding words, images and video. It is also about semantic concepts, emotional understanding and avoiding the wrong contexts. Leverage these insights to enhance your advertising, as Adlede is fully compatible with programmatic advertising.


Take advantage of the context


Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is all about matching ad with content - and by extension, to the right audience too. For Adlede, this goes well beyond simply categorising pages by keyword: our self-learning software understands not only text, but also images and video.


Natural language processing

Was that Apple the fruit, or the company? Turkey the bird, or the country? With advanced natural language processing models, terms are automatically considered alongside what surrounds them.


Mood Targeting

Adlede’s technology can model campaigns around all types of moods arising from every page. As an advertiser, matching your campaign to relevant mindsets means reaching customers at just the right moment.


Brand safety

Our leading contextual technology also comes with complete control, transparency and customization around where your ads appear as a standard. Peace of mind-as-a-service is what we offer all of our customers.